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Natalka Pasicznyk

Natalka Pasicznyk is a soprano who achieved a First Class Music degree at King’s College London while training with Professor Ryland Davies at the Royal Academy of Music. Past performances include the King’s College London Opera Society’s production of Britten’s Turn of the Screw as Miss Jessel, Rossini's Il Barbiere di Siviglia as Berta, Humperdinck’s Hänsel und Gretel, as the understudy for Hänsel and a chorus member, and directing their production of Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas. A duet from Bach's Cantata BWV 80, performed at St John the Evangelist Church, Friern Barnet, led to two interviews with the Ukrainian department in the BBC World Service in her last year of the sixth form. Since then, she has put on her own concerts, performing Ukrainian Art Songs, and has taken singing lessons with the renowned soprano, Nadine Sierra. Natalka looks forward to performing in more operas once venues are open again, such as the world premiere of Edward Nesbit's Antigone. She has much experience in teaching both one-to-one and group singing classes. Alongside her degree. She has been working as a peripatetic music teacher, teaching a range of ages from young children up to adults. In her second year at university, she also worked in the King’s St. George’s Widening Participation Project, where she taught music classes to children from under-privileged areas who would not otherwise have access to music lessons. Natalka completed her Grade 8 successfully in both piano and singing and therefore is looking forward help prepare students to achieve their goals in their grade exams at LSA.
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Ivanica Novakovic

Ivanica Novaković started playing the violin and piano at the age of 8 in Music School Franjo Kuhač in Osijek, Croatia in a class of prof. Ines Ana Tomić. After secondary school graduation, she continued her music studies at the Academy of Music, University of Zagreb, Croatia, where she graduated specializing in Violin. Ivanica’s notable awards at competitions include 1st prize at the Croatian National Competition for Chamber Ensembles in 2015 (organized by HDGPP - Croatian Association of Music and Dance Teachers) as a member of a string quartet. Whilst studying in the academy she received two Rector’s awards for participating in group projects of collaboration between Zagreb’s artistic academies: one for participation in Janáček’s opera The Cunning Little Vixen and the other for participation in Mozart’s opera Così fan tutte. Her notable solo performances include a short recital at the Croatian writer Ankica Kišić’s novel promotion in Osijek in 2012, recitals in Hrvatski dom (Croatian Home) in Osijek and in Slatina, Croatia in 2013. She has also performed as a chamber musician, notably in 2014 in the Croatian National Theatre of Osijek, organized by Rotary Club Croatia. Ivanica has had multiple performances with the Academy of Music, Zagreb’s Symphony Orchestra, including the grand opening of the Blagoje Bersa Concert Hall, part of the grand opening of the Academy’s new building in 2014. Ivanica worked as a private violin/piano teacher for three years whilst studying in Zagreb. At the same time, she worked as a theatre attendant and finally was promoted to become a full-time stage manager at contemporary-styled theatre &TD in Zagreb.
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Inna Tsaran

Inna Tsaran started to play the piano at the age of 6. From 2006 until 2010 she studied at the Institute of Arts, with Anatoliy Silukov, where she received her Bachelor’s degree. And her Master’s degree, in both Piano Performance and Pedagogy from 2011 Inna continued to get in the Academy of music, theatre, and fine arts (AMTAP) with the renowned artist of Moldova Aliona Vardanian and other honors. Upon graduation, she qualified as a soloist, concertmaster, and piano teacher. Throughout her studies, she performed and competed in a variety of music festivals (“Games of Veszprem”, Hungary, “Orpheus”, Romania; International music competition in St. Petersburg, Russia; International piano competition V. Viardo, Ukraine), and participated in a number of local youth concerts, participated in Masterclasses with different international artists from Russia, Ukraine, Israel. She has worked as the piano teacher and accompanist at the Institute of Arts and at the School of arts S.Rachmaninov (Tiraspol, Moldova). In Transnistria (Moldova) Inna is known for her teaching career. She has had talented students who have been major prize winners in different competitions.
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Batuhan Yilmaz

In 2009, he passed the exams of the European Youth Symphony Orchestra(EJOD) and gave concerts in various countries (Germany, France) to represent his country. During his tenure abroad, he worked with various pianists. In 2009, he was accepted to the chamber orchestra of Nilufer Municipality and continued my chamber music and orchestral education with Professor Hasan Adiguzelzade. He started Bursa Uludag University Music Education Department in 2010 following his extraordinary success in the talent examination. In the 2013 Istanbul International Pera Piano Competition, he was awarded for the Best Freelance Interpretation. he actively participated in masterclass studies with Tamara Poddubnaya and Associate Professor Ferit Adıguzelzade. Graduating from Uludag University with honours in 2014, he won the Master's Degree Program of the Department of Music Education at Uludag University. During his graduate education, he actively took part in various projects within the university. During this period, he was assigned to accompany the undergraduate students (string instruments). In 2018, he completed his master's degree with thesis. He prepared his students for the piano and violin examination of The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music(ABRSM) for all grades and most of them passed the exams with distinction. In 2020, He graduated online certificate programme of Eskisehir University called “Piano Trainer-1” and “Fundamentals of Music Theory” by the University of Edinburgh.
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Devrim Celik

Devrim is an authentic, multicultural musician and music tutor, based in London. She studied Wind and Percussion instruments, specializing in flute in one of the most prestigious universities of Turkey (Anadolu University), and then she was accepted to master program in music therapy at ArtEZ University of Arts in the Netherlands where she combined her two passion, psychology, and music together and learned to help others through music. She has performed in several countries as well as taught piano, singing, and flute to many students. Her influences are diverse as her background. Her mother languages in music "Anatolian Folk' and "Ottoman Classical" music, her academic education in "Classical Western Music" and her favorite genre "Electronic music" are the main three genres that shaped her ear and mind. She naturally combines them all as she expresses her musical persona. She is an enthusiastic, empathetic, and loving teacher who values student’s well-being above everything. Creates lessons that are developing students through creativity, fun, and most importantly, compassion.
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Elif Yilmaz

Elif graduated from the State Conservatory of Uludag University as a violinist. Then she got a pedagogical experience certificate from the Faculty Music Education Department of Uludag University as a violin and piano teacher. She also had the opportunity to participate in some of the music authority’s masterclasses. Some of them were Maxim Vengerov, Valery Oistrakh, Itzhak Rashkovsky, Mihael Aranovich, Shlomo Mintz, Alexander Markov, Peter Fisher, Nathaniel Vallois, Cihat Askin, Suna Kan, Özcan Ulucan. She gave a concert as a soloist accompany with Academic Chamber Orchestra of Afyon University at the III. International Marsyas Culture-Art and Music Festival with Academic Chamber Orchestra of Nilufer in Bursa, Bolu, and with Orchestra of Uludag University. Also, she did some recital in some parts of Turkey. She had played in many orchestras. One of them was the “Turkey National Youth Symphony Orchestra” conducted by Cem Mansur. They gave some concerts in Berlin, Rome, Vienna, Kassel, Dortmund, Linz, Bonn, Essen, Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Ankara, Bodrum, Antalya. They also won the first prize with Ahmet Altinel's composition at the Young Euro Classic festival in Berlin. One of them was the Regional State Symphony Orchestra of Bursa. In these concerts, she took part as a concertmaster also first and the second violinist. one of them was the Regional State Symphony Orchestra of Bursa.
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Seray Özer

Seray started her music education in Bursa Zeki Müren Anatolian Fine Arts High School. Her main instrument is cello, and her minor branch is piano. During her high school education, she attended several solo and orchestra concerts. After she graduated from high school, she started her bachelor’s degree, which is music education teaching at Uludag University in 2009. She has completed her cello education with Elhan Necef. She was accepted to a master program at the same university and completed a master program in Italy (Conservatory of Music L. Refice) Her Master’s degree, in both Cello Performance and Pedagogy. Due to studying music teaching, aside from music, she was also trained in pedagogical studies, like psychology, methods of teaching, and pre-school education. Seray has tons of experience teaching kids and adults cello and piano at all levels.
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Nikolas Jokesz

Nikolas has been playing the violin from the age of 8 and picked up the piano at the age of 12. After he finished his education in Hungary he moved to London in 2015 to further improve his skills and studied with professor Hu Kun for 5 years. During his time in London, he has been an active participant in the East London art scene. He has been involved with multiple art collectives and participated in various fusion art projects such as interactive theatres, visual fine art performances, and various convention-breaking acts. He has been looking to find new purposes for his instrument in a modern setting while keeping the traditional values of it. In his quest to find ever-new angles to perform, he had been participating in some unlikely scenarios, such as when he was playing with Buddhist monks from Sri Lanka in the Barbican, or when he was showing new discoveries of balance between the classical sound of the violin and industrial noise in Cafe Oto. He has been teaching both kids and adults since 2016. Ever since then he has been looking for new and more efficient ways to teach, with the same dedication as he has to his own improvement. His teaching is performance-focused and aiming to prepare his pupils both technically and psychologically for their concerts and exams. He is aiming to give the necessary skills to his students to become professional musicians themselves if they wish to do so, but also practical knowledge which is useful for someone's everyday life as well. The kind of knowledge which is outside of the spectrum of traditional schools such as how to keep focus without getting lost in the details or how to deal with anxiety before an exam or performance or a job interview etc. He is not only a performer and teacher, but he has been composing music as well. He has been working as a session musician/writer for established studios, and he has immersed himself with classical music from a compositional angle as well. Most lately he has been studying music production to further broaden his tools for his compositions.
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Lina Puidokaitė

Lina Puidokaitė gained her Bachelor of Arts degrees in Opera and in Music education from Klaipeda University Academy of Arts, Lithuania. Lina has performed and studied in conservatoires across Europe, including the Vimmerby folkhögskola in Sweden; the Conservatorio di Musica S.Giacomantonio Italy, coached by acclaimed Soprano Annamaria Dell’Oste and at the Siauliai Conservatoire of Music. Lina Puidokaitė's warm vocal quality as a lyric soprano has led her to perform leading roles including Dorabella in W. A. Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte, Amina in V.Bellini’s La Sonnambula, and Lucy in G. C. Menotti’s L'Amour à trois. Lina has extended capability in classical piano and guitar, and other repertoire includes songs and arias from G.Rossini; P.Tosti; W. A. Mozart; G.F. Händel; V. Bellini; as well as contemporary songs such as V. Palermo’s Frammenti del tempo. She is a multi-talented musician that teaches singing, piano and guitar. Singing and piano being her main instruments, Lina can also teach guitar up to Grade 5.
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Yasemin Erturk

Yasemin Erturk started her first piano education at the age of 8 at Bursa Philharmonic Society. She continued her education at Uludag University State Conservatory from 2002 until 2005, where she gave her first piano recital in 2004. In 2005, she entered Zeki Müren Anatolian Fine Arts High School with a talent exam where she participated in piano festivals and competitions. She took the talent exams of Uludağ University Faculty of Education Department of Music Teaching and won second place. She continued her singing, piano, and flute education here from 2009 to 2013. In 2013, she graduated from Uludağ University Faculty of Music Education with second place. She studied at the Conservatorio di Musica L. Refice in Frosinone, Italy for 6 months within the scope of graduate education, she worked with many professors in the fields of piano, choir, ear training, music history, and music pedagogy. Yasemin attended the Master's program at Uludag University Social Sciences Institute, Department of Music Education, where she completed her thesis on piano education and ear training in 2018. Yasemin has been conducting piano, flute, and singing lessons for many years. Throughout her career, she has worked as a soloist (piano and flute) and as an accompanist in numerous concerts.
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Vezhdi Bekir

Vezhdi’s talent for music was discovered by his sister’s music teacher. Vezhdi started to practice music at age 5, joined piano and keyboard lessons for the next five years. He was living in Tekirdağ / Çorlu until 2002 and then he joined Music Talent Exam and he was accepted to Eskisehir Music High School. He learned to play ‘Viola’ ‘Piano’ and also learned about ‘music theory’ ‘music history’ ‘Turkish music history’ during these 4 years of the high school period. After Music High School Vezhdi continued with his music life in Canakkale Onsekizmart University Department of Music to become a music teacher, (2006 – 2010). During his study at Canakkale Onsekizmart University, he attended many Viola, Piano, Choir concerts in Turkey and also in Greece, Serbia – Montenegro, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Germany. After 4 successful years at Canakkale Onsekizmart University Vezhdi graduated and became a Music Teacher. In 2011 Vezhdi moved to London to learn English, to get new work experience, and also to do a Master in Musical Harmony. He is a multi-talented musician that plays, violin, viola, piano, and guitar. He is also the accompanist of all our exam students at the London School of Arts.
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