Daria F.

Daria F., a talented violinist from a family of musicians in Russia, began her musical journey at five. By nine, she was winning awards at international competitions. At seventeen, she expanded into vocal training and electronic music. By nineteen, she was releasing albums and collaborating with others.

Alongside her classical training in Moscow and Milan, Daria became known for her work with Nike Women's Believe in More project, creating music for their videos and gaining recognition in Russia. She also performed at prestigious fashion events for Cartier, composing exclusive music for them.

In 2020, she showcased her talent at Milan Fashion Week for the Jordan Women's Collection. Moving to England in 2023 with a Global Talent Visa, she now focuses on composing music, teaching violin, and developing new teaching methods. Despite specializing in violin, she has been learning and playing both violin and piano since the age of five, bringing a wealth of musical knowledge to her teaching. She's also passionate about her project, Upside Down, with the violin.


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