Terms and Conditions

  • * Lessons missed by a student are forfeited unless notice is given no later than 24 hours before the lesson time.
  • * Students are allowed to cancel 24 Hours in advance up to ONLY TWO lessons each academic term.
  • * All payments must be paid in advance or according to the payment plan one will have. A late payment could result in a student's suspension from the lesson/we reserve the right to commence legal proceedings to recover the debt.
  • * Termly payments should be made full in advance or half before lessons and the other half the following month.
  • * No cover lesson done for the group lessons. Students must come to class on time with the appropriate materials.
  • * In the event of discontinuance or changing of lessons, TWO WORKING WEEKS notice is required
  • * Please note that No Refunds for all group lessons (Exchange with another lesson only).
  • * If such notice is not given to our office the fees for the registered time must be paid.
  • * In case of annual payment cancellation, the refund will be calculated from the termly fee.
  • * Annual payments must be completed latest by end of November, in case of late payment the fee will be calculated from the termly price.
  • * Any complaints or grievances should be directed to the school office in the first place.
  • * The school can only register students for exams, once the teachers confirm students are ready to take their gradings. No student will be registered for an exam if they are not ready.
  • * I give permission for the trained member of staff to administer appropriate first aid if required.
  • * I understand that the fee should be paid by the date agreed on the back of this form.
  • * In the event of a teacher's planned or up-planned absence, LSA may provide a substitute at its discretion.
  • * Neither refund nor credit will be granted for teacher absence when a substitute is provided.
  • * If substitute teacher arranged, LSA management is not obliged to notify the parents/students.
  • * Notice of cancellation of a lesson or absence must be given to a member of our counter staff, only. Such notice is invalid if delivered to your teacher. Same day cancellations are ineligible for makeup lessons.
  • * Students who do not show up for their lessons will not be eligible for makeup under any circumstance.
  • * Under no circumstances are customers permitted to use mobile phones within the changing room facilities, as outlined in our terms and conditions.
  • * All data is stored securely. No actual data is copied, shared or transferred under any circumstances. We will only use your personal data when/if the law allows us to.
  • * Make up lessons expire at the end of the academic year and are the customer's responsibility.
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    Opening Hours

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