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Mafalda L.

Mafalda is a Portuguese performer based in London. Life to her is the answer to the research of performing. Therefore, her curiosity triggers her to embody the responses from that sharing of knowledge. Through the motto that the mind commands where we stand, Mafalda finds herself wanting to be everywhere, to be everything, and to know everything. Looking forward to knowing about it all, she started her practice in Urban Styles later chasing a contemporary path. Through her ongoing training, she shifts between these worlds. Alongside her learning at the University of East London and later graduation at Middlesex University in 2023, she took the chance to gather more knowledge from teaching kids. The performer had the chance to perform on various stages such as the World’s Hip Hop Championship, national theatres, and Porto Coliseum. Her work mostly rests on projecting voices and other people’s visions as she always found it important to draw attention to social issues, highlighting despised matters. Mafalda’s favourite words are change, challenge, and balance. Every day is a day to explore, to reach new people, but above it all to be happy.
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29-30 The Town EN2 6LU Enfield, London



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Monday - Friday: 11am - 8pm | Saturday - Sunday: 10am - 6pm