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Lawrence B.

Lawrence is a highly skilled British session musician with a profound expertise spanning across the genres of pop, rock, soul, and funk. In 2020, he made the strategic move to London to pursue advanced studies at the prestigious Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. Since then, Lawrence has lent his musical prowess to numerous notable artists, including CRISTII and SAINT CLAIR. Additionally, he is a prominent and integral member of the esteemed North London Collective, further solidifying his presence in the vibrant music scene. Recognizing the importance of adaptability in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Lawrence began offering online music lessons, catering to a diverse and international clientele. His commitment to music education extends to his role as a dedicated tutor at The Dan Tien Performing Arts Studios. Furthermore, he has earned notable academic achievements, including a distinction from Rock School Level 3 Extended Diploma for Music, adding to his Bachelor's degree qualifications. Currently, he imparts his extensive knowledge and experience as part of the teaching team at London School of Arts.
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Tolis Zavaliaris

Tolis Zavaliaris is a guitarist, composer, and tutor living in London U.K. Born in Orestiada a small town in Northern Greece he started playing guitar at the age of 14 and by the age of 16 was performing in Greek clubs with many bands and famous artists. Tolis relocated from Greece to London in 2001 where he studied a 3-year degree course at the world-famous Guitar Institute. After his graduation, he was invited to join the Institute as a guitar teacher and tutor. Since then Tolis has collaborated, performed, and toured with many artists such as Vanessa Mae, Livan, Anna Savege, The Duvets, The Locals, Me’sha Bryan, Killiopi, and many more. He has also worked with producers Peter Greenwell (Flop-Star), Benny D (Depeche Mode), John Robertson (Morcheeba), David Crefield (Kaiser Chiefs).
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Vezhdi B.

Vezhdi’s talent for music was discovered by his sister’s music teacher. Vezhdi started to practice music at age 5, joined piano and keyboard lessons for the next five years. He was living in Tekirdağ / Çorlu until 2002 and then he joined Music Talent Exam and he was accepted to Eskisehir Music High School. He learned to play ‘Viola’ ‘Piano’ and also learned about ‘music theory’ ‘music history’ ‘Turkish music history’ during these 4 years of the high school period. After Music High School Vezhdi continued with his music life in Canakkale Onsekizmart University Department of Music to become a music teacher, (2006 – 2010). During his study at Canakkale Onsekizmart University, he attended many Viola, Piano, Choir concerts in Turkey and also in Greece, Serbia – Montenegro, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Germany. After 4 successful years at Canakkale Onsekizmart University Vezhdi graduated and became a Music Teacher. In 2011 Vezhdi moved to London to learn English, to get new work experience, and also to do a Master in Musical Harmony. He is a multi-talented musician that plays, violin, viola, piano, and guitar. He is also the accompanist of all our exam students at the London School of Arts.
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Raul G.

Raul is an experienced and creative jazz guitarist, composer, and music tutor. During his career, he acquired 15+ years of experience in teaching electric and acoustic guitar as well as ensemble music and jazz harmony to students from all levels and backgrounds. After many years of independent study, Raul attended the B.Mus Jazz Music program at Conservatorio Stanislao Giacomantonio in Cosenza (Italy) where he had the pleasure to be tutored by musicians of the likes of Lutte Berg, Lucio Ferrara, Davide Santorsola, Nicola Pisani, and Roberto Spadoni. He also took part in a various workshops with both Italian and international artists such as Umberto Fiorentino, Ramberto Ciammarughi, Micheal Rosen, Bebo Ferra, and Roberto Taufic. From 1998 to the present, Raul has been performing in a number of different projects. For many of them, he has composed and arranged original compositions. From 1998 to 2003 he performed with Vinagre, an ethno-jazz project which resulted in an album of the same name. In 2004 he lent his talent to the recording session of the Mandara project's album "Alatùl". From 2009 to present, he has been involved in composing, arranging, and performing his own original compositions with Amanita Trio, which were later conveyed into "Gente a Sud", a critically acclaimed album that is constantly exploring a synthesis between contemporary jazz and far-away roots. This line-up has performed all over Italy in venues and festivals such as Casa del Jazz (Rome) and Reggio in Jazz (Reggio Calabria). Along with his performing career, Raul has also gained experience in composing original music for theatre plays.
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James W.

James has studied music since the age of 8 and has been professional for 14 years. His career has taken him around the world touring America, China, and all across Europe playing a number of different instruments and styles of music. Because James plays more than one instrument, his career outside of teaching has led him down many different paths. This versatility has aided James to teach a number of different styles from Classical music, Jazz and Rock, and Pop music. James Started Playing the Clarinet when he was 8 years old and graduated with a distinction in Grade 8 at the age of 18. Alongside his classical education, he always listened to and loved playing Jazz music. He started to play the saxophone during his teenage years and using the techniques he had learned on the clarinet, adapted himself into a proficient Jazz Saxophonist Alongside the woodwind background, James also started playing the guitar at the age of 14 and started playing in rock bands. With a love for modern music, James progressed very quickly at the guitar and managed to get a place at the Academy of Contemporary Music at 18 to study his degree. He learned a number of styles of music there from some world-famous guitarists (Guthrie Govan, Jamie Humphries, Mike Caswell). After spending the next three years dedicating hard work to both of his crafts James started getting jobs touring with Artists around the UK and Europe (Bad Company, Juan Zelada, Nicole Scherzinger, Pixie Lott, Leona Lewis).
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Joseph is an accomplished guitarist with a lifelong passion for music. He embarked on his musical journey at the age of 8 when he first picked up the guitar. By the time he was 13, his father had become his dedicated teacher, laying the foundation for his musical education. Joseph's pursuit of excellence led him to the renowned Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA), where he honed his skills. His commitment to musical mastery led him to further his education, culminating in the attainment of a Music Degree from the prestigious ICMP in London. Based in London, Joseph is a highly regarded session musician, specializing in genres such as Pop, Jazz, and RnB, among others. His impressive portfolio includes collaborations with notable artists like Mansur Brown, Jack Hawitt, Conor Albert, and more. Joseph's reputation as a prominent figure in London's music scene is well-established. He has graced the stages of esteemed events, including mainstage Pride with an audience of over 20,000, GALA Festival with over 10,000 attendees, and NTS Live with a reach exceeding 5,000. Joseph's talents have also earned him a coveted spot in London's West End, performing to sold-out crowds at the legendary Leicester Square Hippodrome. In addition to his performance career, Joseph is the driving force behind the successful Jazz event "In Time" at the Ritzy, where he curates and performs weekly, further enriching the city's vibrant music scene.
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Tezel A.

Tezel has been playing guitar for about 20 odd years, he started his music carrier in Cyprus where he played in various rock bands, he is also a composer and a songwriter. After he moved to the UK he joined the London College of Music specializing in Acoustic Guitar popular music. After he got his teaching degree he joined the RGT Electric guitar grade exams and passed with distinction. He is an experienced tutor where he has taught in many music schools around London also he is experienced in teaching RGT Grade exams. He is now working full time at the London School of Arts.
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