Woodwind & Brass Lessons

London School of Art is an award-winning performing arts school that contracts professional, experienced tutors to work within their school. All instrument lessons are one to one based and take place at the school's premises or alternatively online. Instrument lessons are available 7 days a week, after school as well as weekends.

The Woodwind & Brass Department at the London School of Arts offers the most comprehensive woodwind education.

We provide one-to-one lessons in Clarinet, Flute, or Saxophone allowing you to choose any of these as your principal instrument. We offer you professional Tutors who specialize in each of these disciplines, course work specifically designed to enhance your abilities.

The flute is advised for ages 7+ depending on the child's level of interest and ability to focus for short periods of time. The saxophone is recommended for ages 8+ and generally, Clarinet is a great starting point and alternative for a younger audience who wants saxophone.

Grade exams require a high level of commitment through regular practice as well as a strong parental involvement. It’s the parent’s responsibility to encourage and monitor students is practicing at home. Minimum 20mins 4 times a week is required. As the grades get higher of course more time is needed to put in practice.

Key features of each grade are different and as follows:
Preliminary Grade: The Test includes all the sorts of skills beginners will be developing at this stage, such as a sense of pitch and rhythm, controlled and even playing, accuracy and quality of tone, and the basics of musical perception. The exam consists of; Tunes/exercises, set-piece/song, own choice piece/song (about 16 to 24 bars), listening games/simple aural tests.

Grades 1 to 8: The exams consist of three pieces, chosen by the candidate from the appropriate lists in the current syllabus, scales and broken chords, sight-reading, and aural tests. Nine pieces in a range of styles, chosen from Lists A, B, and C with piano accompaniment.

Total marks in all individual Practical exams are 150. 100 marks are required to achieve Pass, 120 marks to pass with Merit, and 130 marks to pass with Distinction.

Examinations can be an extremely motivating and positive experience for students when used in the correct way. We know that exams are important not just for level assessment but for school points students may get but they should not be the ONLY focus of a musician’s education. We do not ‘fast track’ a pupil through exams by compromising on the development of secure musical foundations.


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