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The Woodwind & Brass

Devrim Celik

Devrim is an authentic, multicultural musician and music tutor, based in London. She studied Wind and Percussion instruments, specializing in flute in one of the most prestigious universities of Turkey (Anadolu University), and then she was accepted to master program in music therapy at ArtEZ University of Arts in the Netherlands where she combined her two passion, psychology, and music together and learned to help others through music. She has performed in several countries as well as taught piano, singing, and flute to many students. Her influences are diverse as her background. Her mother languages in music "Anatolian Folk' and "Ottoman Classical" music, her academic education in "Classical Western Music" and her favorite genre "Electronic music" are the main three genres that shaped her ear and mind. She naturally combines them all as she expresses her musical persona. She is an enthusiastic, empathetic, and loving teacher who values student’s well-being above everything. Creates lessons that are developing students through creativity, fun, and most importantly, compassion.
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James Wiseman

James has studied music since the age of 8 and has been professional for 14 years. His career has taken him around the world touring America, China, and all across Europe playing a number of different instruments and styles of music. Because James plays more than one instrument, his career outside of teaching has led him down many different paths. This versatility has aided James to teach a number of different styles from Classical music, Jazz and Rock, and Pop music. James Started Playing the Clarinet when he was 8 years old and graduated with a distinction in Grade 8 at the age of 18. Alongside his classical education, he always listened to and loved playing Jazz music. He started to play the saxophone during his teenage years and using the techniques he had learned on the clarinet, adapted himself into a proficient Jazz Saxophonist Alongside the woodwind background, James also started playing the guitar at the age of 14 and started playing in rock bands. With a love for modern music, James progressed very quickly at the guitar and managed to get a place at the Academy of Contemporary Music at 18 to study his degree. He learned a number of styles of music there from some world-famous guitarists (Guthrie Govan, Jamie Humphries, Mike Caswell). After spending the next three years dedicating hard work to both of his crafts James started getting jobs touring with Artists around the UK and Europe (Bad Company, Juan Zelada, Nicole Scherzinger, Pixie Lott, Leona Lewis).
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Yasemin Erturk

Yasemin Erturk started her first piano education at the age of 8 at Bursa Philharmonic Society. She continued her education at Uludag University State Conservatory from 2002 until 2005, where she gave her first piano recital in 2004. In 2005, she entered Zeki Müren Anatolian Fine Arts High School with a talent exam where she participated in piano festivals and competitions. She took the talent exams of Uludağ University Faculty of Education Department of Music Teaching and won second place. She continued her singing, piano, and flute education here from 2009 to 2013. In 2013, she graduated from Uludağ University Faculty of Music Education with second place. She studied at the Conservatorio di Musica L. Refice in Frosinone, Italy for 6 months within the scope of graduate education, she worked with many professors in the fields of piano, choir, ear training, music history, and music pedagogy. Yasemin attended the Master's program at Uludag University Social Sciences Institute, Department of Music Education, where she completed her thesis on piano education and ear training in 2018. Yasemin has been conducting piano, flute, and singing lessons for many years. Throughout her career, she has worked as a soloist (piano and flute) and as an accompanist in numerous concerts.
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